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Q'STRAINT announces the acquisition of Safe Haven, a prominent wheelchair securement industry provider.

Prior to the acquisition, Safe Haven operated as a division of New Haven, the nation’s premiere manufacturer... READ MORE


Safe Haven wheelchair securement and occupant restraints meet the requirements of FMVSS 209 & 302. READ MORE

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Wheelchair Tie Downs - Wheelchair Securement Straps - Straps and TieDowns

Wheelchair securement straps are available in many styles to fit your particular requirements. Floor Lock™ and Manual style straps provide an economical means of securing the wheelchair in place. Tieback style provides an integral ring for sercure attachment and additional attachment points for lap and shoulder belts.

The Safe Haven line of Wheelchair tiedowns is the culmination of 40 years experience in the Wheelchair Securement industry. Wheelchair tiedowns and securement systems were first introduced in the 1970’s. Since then many improvements in design, safety features and Wheelchair securement standards have been made. These changes assure the wheelchair bound passenger that their wheelchair is being secured with Safe Haven straps and tiedowns that have been tested and incorporate the latest in safety features.

Safe Haven offers it’s users many choices that will fit their particular needs and budget. Safe Haven fabricates 6 distictive styles of manually tensioned wheelchair tiedowns. Floor Lock™ design …Manual style with S_Hook…Manual Style with the patented Safe Hook™ … Manual style with Tie Back Ring and & S-Hook…. Manual style with Tieback ring & patented Safe Hook™. Safe Haven also offers a line of Retractable Wheelchair Securement straps. These tiedowns automatically lock once connected to the wheelchair. When removed, they automatically retract into the housing unit making for easy storage. Retractable tie downs are available with standard S-hooks and Safe Haven’s patented Safe Hook™. All of these products can be found in Safehaven-usa.com website and our brochure which is available for download.

Quality Floor Anchorage products can also be found on the website, including L-Track, A-Track and Oval Pockets. Wheelchair accessories such as end caps, pillow straps, patented Secure Loops™ just to name a few are also available here.

There is no substitute for Safety. That’s why Safe Haven wheelchair securement and occupant restraints are your best choice. Specify Safe haven securement, restraint, and floor anchorage systems for all your vans and buses.