Securement Straps & Kits With WheelChair Floor Lock

Wheelchair Floor Lock Design

Features snap hooks ends. Strap is threaded through the appropriate section of the wheel chair. Then are attached to the ring fitting in the floor anchorage. Floor Lock™straps meet the minimum length (16” front & 19” rear) and maximum lengths (28” front & 29” rear) specified when installed. Floor Lock™ kits comply with SAE J2249.

2-ea. 3B cambuckle straps*, 2-ea. 4B ratchet buckle straps SH2000L3B4B-KT
2-ea. 3B cambuckle straps*, 2-ea. 5B overcenter buckle straps SH2000L3B5B-KT
4-ea 4B ratchet buckle straps SH2000L4B4B-KT
4-ea 5B overcenter buckle straps SH2000L5B5B-KT

Replacement Straps:  
1-ea. 3B Cambuckle strap* SH2000L3B
1-ea. 4B Ratchet buckle strap SH2000L4B
1-ea. 5B Overcenter strap SH2000L5B

Note: For kits or straps compatible with A-track anchorage, replace “L” with “A” in the part number. i.e SH2000L3B4B-KT becomes SH2000A3B4B. *Cambuckle straps are to be used for front securement only on forward facing wheelchair securement.