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Q'STRAINT announces the acquisition of Safe Haven, a prominent wheelchair securement industry provider.

Prior to the acquisition, Safe Haven operated as a division of New Haven, the nation’s premiere manufacturer... READ MORE


Safe Haven wheelchair securement and occupant restraints meet the requirements of FMVSS 209 & 302. READ MORE

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Wheelchair accessories

Safe Haven is your source for Wheelchair Accessories and Mobility Products. Accessories and products that aid the wheelchair bound individual like our Pillows and Pillow Straps which help reduce pain and irritation caused by seat belt buckles during transportation. Safe Haven Pillows are placed between the passenger and the lap belt buckle reducing friction and pressure. Or our Patented Secure Loops™. These loops are of a special design and available only from Safe Haven. "Safe Haven Secure Loops" are securely attached to the wheelchair. Their patented design prevents them from falling off. When properly installed, they aid public transportation personnel in locating the appropriate attachment point.

Other Wheelchairs Accessories aid in enhancing the looks of a wheelchair restraint station. Products like our Plastic filler track which can be used to cover L-Track floor anchorage when not in use. This also keeps dust and dirt from collecting in the track making maintenance easy. Our patented plastic End Caps for L-Track provide a simple solution for finishing the ends of L-Track floor anchorage. They are easy on the eyes and also cover sharp ends.

Wheelchair Accessories that aid in installation and quick removal of tie downs are available. The Solo alignment tool aids in installing Solo floor anchorage which is required for Solo Retractable Tiedowns. Our web cutter provides an easy means of cutting away wheelchair restraint straps when and if it becomes necessary to remove them quickly.

Specify Safe Haven brand Wheelchair Accessories and Mobility Products for all your vans and buses.