Q'STRAINT announced the acquisition of Safe Haven, a prominent wheelchair securement industry provider. Prior to the acquisition, Safe Haven operated as a division of New Haven, the nation’s premiere manufacturer of moving equipment.

"Safe Haven’s mission and core values mirror our own. Both companies understand that there is no substitute for safety and are committed to addressing these needs every step of the way. Our passengers depend on us to create products with the intention of increasing their mobility while maintaining their safety and reliability."
-Patrick Girardin, Q'STRAINT Co-President.

"It was the perfect marriage between two companies that share similar customer-centric values," said Julie Boynton, Q'STRAINT co-president. "Both companies have created cultures that focus on ensuring that every action we take is designed to consider the needs and desires of our customers."

Q'STRAINT and Safe Haven have nearly 75 years of combined experience within the wheelchair securement industry. "We are very happy to combine our histories of delivering excellence in wheelchair securement," added Girardin. "The Q'STRAINT engineering staff remains committed to our core constituents' needs through the transition from one strong manufacturer to the other."