Safe Haven manual tie downs are fabricated at our facility in San Fernando. Made from the highest quality materials, most orders can be shipped in 1-2 days getting you safely secured and back on the road again.

Securement Straps & Kits

Manual Style with S-hook

Features S-hook for wheelchair attachment. These straps meet the minimum length (16" front and 19" rear) and maximum lenghts (28" front and 29" rear) specified when installed.

2-ea. 3B cambuckle straps*, 2-ea. 4B ratchet buckle straps SH2002L3B4B-KT
2-ea. 3B cambuckle straps*, 2-ea. 5B over center buckle straps SH2002L3B5B-KT
4-ea 4B ratchet buckle straps SH2002L4B4B-KT
4-ea 5B overcenter buckle straps SH2002L5B5B-KT

Replacement Straps:  
1-ea. 3B Cambuckle strap* SH2002L3B
1-ea. 4B Ratchet buckle strap SH2002L4B
1-ea. 5B Overcenter strap SH2002L5B

Note: For kits or straps compatible with A-track anchorage, replace “L” with “A” in the part number. i.e SH2000L3B4B-KT becomes SH2000A3B4B. *Cambuckle straps are to be used for front securement only on forward facing wheelchair securement.