There is no substitute for safety. We know you put safety first-your passengers depend on it. Thats why Safe Haven wheelchair securement and occupant restraints are your best choice.

Forty years in the WCTD&OR industry, numerous patents, and an unblemished record for component integrity coupled with ease of use are the best reasons. An engineering staff committed to your needs, backed by the state of the art manufacturing is another. Our systems meet or exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Specifications 209 & 302. Crash tests per SAE J2249 are performed by the University of Michigan and all test reports are kept on file.

Our systems are designed for practical wheelchair securement. You will find our patent Secure LoopsTM, Patent Safe HooksTM, and Floor LockTM. Securement kits are just part of our comprehensive list of wheelchair securement and occupant restraint systems.

Specify Safe Haven securement, restraint, and floor anchorage for all your buses and vans.

If you are already a customer, thank you. If you would like to find out more about Safe Haven, please call us today.

The Safe Haven Team